Kerry and her husband Dale live in Santa Maria on the central coast of California.
They have three children: Christopher, Tonya, and Rocky.

Christopher lives in the Seattle area, is married to Lisa and has given them 2 grandchildren,  Caitlin and Jason.  Christopher is a software architect and Lisa manages people like Christopher.


Tonya Sunshine and her partner Melissa live in Knoxville, TN, and are both nurse practitioners and have given them a grandson, Connor, who is a straight A student and loves sports.


Rocky is married to Maria and they live in the San Francisco Bay area.  They have given them their most recent grandson,  Jackson.  Rocky is an account executive in the medical industry and Maria is a Behavioral Therapist for children with special needs.


Kerry collects carousel horses and scrap books of cruises she's been on. Dale collects model trains and Corvettes.

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